Trump’s impeachment: a divided response in the U.S. after the president’s free release – live updates | US News

The few Republican lawmakers who broke with Trump have suffered greatly, Reuters’ John Whitesides reminds us.

Representative Liz cheney, a third-place Republican in the House of Representatives and one of 10 who voted for Trump’s impeachment, sharply opposed conservatives ’attempt to remove her from her leadership position. She survived, but Trump has vowed to throw his support behind her main opponent.

In Arizona, which backed Biden and elected a Democratic senator in November, the state party ousted three Republicans who had fought with Trump while in office – Governor Douglas ducey, who was a Grandfather Jeff flake and Cindy McCain, widow of the late Senator John McCain.

When a grandfather Ben sasse Nebraska was threatened with fines by its state party for criticizing Trump, he said it was because of a cult of personality.
“We will be clear about why this is happening. It’s because I still believe, as always, that politics is not about one dude’s weird worship, ”Sasse said in a video addressed to the party’s leadership in Nebraska. He was one of seven Republican senators to vote to condemn Trump on Saturday.

The times have led to an open debate in conservative circles about how far right to follow. At Fox News, the cable news network that played a key role in Trump’s rise to power, Fox Corp. CEO. Lachlan murdoch Investors were told this week that the service would maintain its “middle” position.

Trump joined the network after his early election preview, and eventually lost in Arizona, giving video networks further to the right Trump supporters who were unhappy to draw.

“We don’t have to go any further right,” Murdoch said. “We don’t believe America is right now, and it’s clear we’re not going to pivot left.”

While Trump is in control of the party for now, several Republican senators said during an impeachment trial that the stain left by the deadly Capitol siege and months of false claims about widespread election fraud would eliminate his chances of gaining power again in 2024.

“After the American public sees the whole story here … I don’t see how Donald Trump could be re-elected to the presidency,” Republican Senator Lisa murkowski, who also voted for conviction, told reporters during the trial.

With Trump out of office and blocked from Twitter, his preferred means of communication, some Republicans said his grip on the party could disappear as new issues and personalities emerge.

Republican Senator Iain cornyn, who was a friend of Trump, said the former president’s legacy has suffered lasting damage. “Unfortunately, while President Trump has done a great deal, handling the post – election period is something that is going to be remembered,” Cornyn said. To think that is sad. “