Trump lost? | Joe Zebuloni: The business is really unfinished – news in the world

Joe Biden was elected to the presidency tonight (Tuesday) by the electorate. Despite this, Trump supporters continue to insist that they ‘stole the election from them’.

Joe Zebuloni, an activist for Donald Trump, shared in the continuation of the hard work of the president’s supporters trying to find the fraud and forgery that harmed Trump in the election. He said a judge in a Michigan court allowed an investigation into the matter and claimed everything was still open.

Joe Zebuloni recounted the attempts to expose the fraud and forgery in the U.S. election, he said that a Michigan court judge “allowed the publication of the forensic test he ordered, neither of the Trump staff nor of the Democrats. The court brought in a neutral party who would go into 22 machines and analyze, see what happened there. They clearly wrote that these machines were engineered for forgeries. The machines simply stole votes from Trump and passed them on to Biden in certain areas. “

He explained that in fact under the US Constitution there are 3 steps in the presidential election: “The first step was today, it does not mean that Biden was elected president, it means that the electors voted. In the next step on January 6, these electors, the closed envelopes are presented to the Senate and Congress. “If Congress and the Senate President do not agree on the appointment of electors, there are two choices. Either it goes to the top, or under the U.S. Constitution – electors can be appointed by the House of Representatives in any state if there is a problem.”

Zebuloni clarified: “There are 84 electors in 7 Trump states and they have given them to Biden. What could be in such a situation, a very possible scenario that has happened twice in history, if there is a draw, if for example there are 260 and one 240 because no one has reached 270, if “There are 84 electors who have a very big doubt because of the fraud and irregularities, so there is a situation where the president of the senate can not agree to accept the legitimacy of the electors in these countries and return back to Congress.”

He added: “Trump in 2018 issued a presidential decree saying that if there is foreign government intervention in the US election he can enforce the decree, send the military and impose a procedure on these countries – anything can happen. We can not ignore these facts. “