Trump hotels have been quietly removed from the most important luxury network in the travel industry

Virtuoso, the world’s largest luxury travel network, with the motto “the best,” has removed all 10 Trump-branded hotels and resorts from the list of com favorite partners. The googling of the two names together currently serves up to 404 error pages.

A spokesman for Virtuoso confirmed that Trump Hotels stopped being his favorite partner earlier this month, but declined to comment. “As a rule, we do not discuss why we engage in regeneration with partners,” said Misty Belles, global public relations management director for the company. “And we’re not talking about why they’re leaving just as a court for them and for everyone involved.”

Regardless of how Trump left Virtuoso Hotels, the move could hurt Trump’s hotel management and licensing business, which Forbes it has been reported to be down $ 24 million from 2019, as well as its golf resorts in Miami and Europe, which is down another $ 120 million.

For five-star luxury hotels, it can be said that there is no more prestigious network connection than Virtuoso, which is designed as a win-win for cash-strapped travelers, high-performance travel advisors and favorite partners.

One of the ways in which Virtuoso stands out is its careful monitoring system, which lends homogeneity to all parties in the network. “Everything we invite is an exception,” said Belles.

On one side of the industry are more than 20,000 luxury travel consultants, hand-selected for their ability to lead sales and deliver exceptional customer service. On the other hand are Virtuoso’s 2,000 favorite travel partners – including more than 1,400 hotels and resorts – that are evaluated annually to ensure they continue to deliver crème-de-la-crème experiences.

Virtuoso-connected travel advisors are able to give their clients access to a bevy of recommended VIP deals, which can range from very nice – say, room upgrades, hotel credits, port transfers or late payment point – to a specific signature for the property. experiences like spa treatments, gourmet dinners or horse – drawn rides – extras that would typically add up to $ 500 in value per stay, Belles said.

For favorite partner hotels, Virtuoso is a valuable feeding tool of well-to-do guests. A recent YouGov study showed that the average annual household income of a typical Virtuoso traveler is over $ 300,000. “But Virtuoso is not just for the rich,” Belles said. “It’s for anyone who gives them such real travel prizes as important.”

Interestingly, two hotels with links to Trump are still in Virtuoso’s catalog. Donald Trump never owned Trump SoHo, designed by David Rockwell, a 391-room condo hotel at the corner of Spring and Varick streets in New York City. But he gave his name and Trump International Hotels controlled the building, which was plagued by troubled finances, construction delays, a fraud lawsuit and a rapid decline in business after the 2016 presidential election. hotel linked Trump to release in 2017, he appeared with a new identity as The Dominick and became a destination in demand in lower Manhattan.

There is similar support for Trump’s famous Toronto project. Donald Trump once again told the world that he had invested his own money in the 65-story Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto, just after admitting it was a licensing deal. A lawsuit from real investors broke the hotel’s developer, and the new owner quickly removed Trump’s name and made a major overhaul. The reincarnated hotel is now a luxury St. Louis hotel. Regis Toronto, part of the Marriott package.

Trump Hotels may have lost their favorite partner status for a number of reasons. Virtuoso evaluates hotels based on a number of factors, including feedback from both travel consultants and clients, according to Belles.

Within a week of returning from a visit, clients will be invited to evaluate and review their experiences. “And we’ll be monitoring that very closely,” Belles said. “If someone leaves a review and it’s less than sustainable, that will allow us to go in and evaluate what’s going on.”

Each year, there will be another appraisal and another contract, Belles said. “So it’s not a situation where you’re in, you’re in for life. ”

Trump Hotels did not respond to a request for comment.