Triple-double to Wall, Houston won after 20 losses

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John Wall Celebrates (Reuters)

John Wall Celebrates (Reuters)

Chicago (23:19) – Utah (11:31) 120: 95

Rudy wins with 21 points and 10 rebounds alongside no less than 9 blocks, excelled and was one block away from a crazy triple-double. Donovan Mitchell sniped 30 points, Mike Conley 15, and the Jazz managed to record a smooth away win over the Bulls. Joe Ingles with 17 points and Jordan Clarkson with 16 from the bench, helped the team that received a very low contribution from Royce O’Neill (3) and Boyan Bogdanovich (8). The game was in complete control of the Jazz from the first moment and they won each of the four quarters as they increased the lead again and again to 25 at the end. Zac Lavine with 27 on the other side was the best of the Bulls players.

Houston (30:12) – Toronto (26:17) 99: 117

After a historic streak of 20 losses, the Rockets finally won. Jason Tate was one of the standings with 22 points on 8-of-9 from the field, Sterling Brown scored another 20 alongside 10 rebounds, Christian Wood provided 19 points and also John Wall 19, but he had an impressive triple-double that included 10 assists and 11 rebounds. Due to Achilles in Wall’s game it was a horrible shooting day of 8 out of 30 but he made up for it from other places. The surprisingly defeated Raptors were led by Fred VanValit with 27 points. Following that game, the longest-running losing streak in the NBA now belongs to the Raptors who have suffered a ninth straight loss.

Memphis (20:20) – Boston (22:21) 126: 132

The Celtics’ crisis continues as they try to bolster the team in Gordon’s closet before the deadline for NBA trades. This time they were dragged into overtime after Ja Morant scored the last 3 points in legal time from the line, where they were defeated by the Grizzlies. Morant led with 29 points in that game, Dillon Brooks added 24 for Jonas and Valencia for 16 alongside 19 rebounds. Jaylen Brown led Boston with 27 points, Jeff Teague scored another 26. Jason Taitum was absent due to illness.

Milwaukee (14:28) – Indiana (23:19) 113: 140

Even without Yannis Antocompo getting rest, the Bucks showed their strength and defeated the Pacers without too much trouble. Already in the first quarter they scored 48 points against 26 of the visitors, in what made the game one big Garbage Time. Jero Holiday led with 28 points and 14 rebounds, Chris Middleton added 25, Pat Conoton scored 20 alongside 9 rebounds, Brock Lopez and Bobby Fortis added 18 points each and the double-digit list locked Brian Forbes with 12. Demontas Savonis scored. 22 for the Pacers on the other hand.

Clippers (16:28) – Atlanta (21:22) 110: 119

Nate McMahlan’s winning streak since being appointed as the Hawks’ coach stopped at 8, and tonight came the loss to the team from Los Angeles. Kwai Leonard led with 25 points, Terence Mann added 21 and 10 rebounds from the bench, Luke Kenard another 20 from the bench as well and Marcus Morris scored 19 in a game in which Paul George was stopped on just 8 points. Trey Young led the Hawks with 28 points and eight rebounds but after a particularly long honeymoon under the veteran coach, Atlanta will now have to start a new winning streak. By the way, before the game there was a trade in which the Clippers cleared some of their salary budget, perhaps in preparation for something more interesting later on.

Cleveland (27:16) – Sacramento (25:18) 119: 105: Diaron Fox with 30 points and Tyrese Haliborton with 28 led the Kings to a smooth away win.

Minnesota (33:10) – Oklahoma (24:19) 112: 103: Shay Gilgamesh Alexander came back after a slight injury and sniped 31 points to sweep the Thunder to an away win.

San Antonio (22:18) – Charlotte (21:21: 100: 97: Gordon Hayward with 27 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists led the Hornets to a dramatic victory over the Spurs.