Tottenham: Jose Mourinho stings after the 2-1 loss to Liverpool

Since the opening round she has not lost, the team knew how to handle the big games in a great way when they defeated Manchester City 0: 2 and defeated Manchester United 1: 6. Yesterday (Wednesday) expected toTottenham The toughest test of all against English champions Liverpool. Jose Mourinho’s team lasted until extra time when they absorbed Roberto Firmino andLost 2: 1. It was only the third time Mourinho has lost in the league in the 90th minute, and it has not happened to him in seven years, since December 2013.

Watch Jose Mourinho sum up the loss to Sport 1:

In the second half, Tottenham came up with a number of great opportunities, such as Stephen Brahwin’s kick to the beam, and on the other hand, it’s hard to say that she came to play. In the first half she completed just 75 dedications, the fewest for Mourinho’s side in a league game since the Clasico in which he beat Barcelona in April 2012 (54 dedications). The Spurs completed just 19 passes in the final third of the pitch compared to Liverpool’s 200. Jung Min Sun, who scored the equalizer from the first position the team reached, has already scored five times against an incumbent champion. His collaboration with Harry Kane continued to work great as the two were loyal to 20 of the Spurs’ 25 goals in the league – 80%.

Mourinho As usual he stung after the game: “The best team lost, Klopp did not agree but that is his opinion. By the way, if I had acted on the line like him – I would have been sent off. I am probably different. I am sad. I think a draw would have left us with bad taste too “We had situations to win. It’s not just the big situations but when we created the opportunities, when they were in a difficult moment. We could have killed this game. At those levels you pay and I thought we would pay a price and come out with just a point.”

The coach added: “In the end we didn’t even take a point, so I’m very disappointed. On the other hand looking at the performance I’m happy with the team’s ability, we came into the game to win. The boys were very good against such a good team, we were punished. “Concentrated against a team that is an offensive monster. In this game Liverpool did not look like the English champions, the world champions. There were no gaps, the game was under our control. My players told me I was right when I told them at the beginning of the season that we would win every game.”

“Mourinho can only regret the misses in the explosive attacks. His frustration must have been very sharp. They missed an opportunity to make a statement on winning the championship and destroy Liverpool’s home balance,” the BBC reported. “When the hard feeling subsides, Mourinho will feel that the Spurs have shown exactly why they are one of the two leaders.” The website stressed that the last time Mourinho came to lose he lost 3: 1 as United manager and was sacked 24 hours later. Now, he is in charge of a team that is competing hard at the top. “The Spurs had situations to strengthen their candidacy for the crown and inflict a sensational loss on the champion but they also lost at Anfield,” Sky Sports reported. Sun scored the highest score – 8 while Harry Kane settled for 6. For he recorded missing a hairpin after a horn ball.

Two who have won compliments are the Equality Gate engineers. “Out of nowhere, Giovanni Lu Celso recognized Sun and arranged for him a perfect ball, and the South Korean increased his numbers again with a deadly finish as always,” the media reported. It was further noted that the Spurs improved in the second half and Kane almost scored from distance after a spectacular glitch for Allison’s delivery and a cunning bouncing attempt that top goalkeeper to the corner. Tim Sherwood, a former Spurs player, was ridiculed on social media as he served as a commentator on the game and over time said: “I’m not worried about this fund,” then saw Firmino conquer.

Harry Kane | Peter Powell / PA Images via Getty Images

Whoever is not included in the squad is Gareth Bale who has not actually played in the last five league games, since starting in the squad and has not impressed against West Bromwich Albion. The Spurs do not have too much time to mourn the loss. On Wednesday, a not-so-simple game awaits her at all against Leicester at home, where she has won only half of her games this season.