Top 50 2020 Films in the UK, No. 2: Soul | Film

Top 50 2020 Films in the UK, No. 2: Soul |  Film fact over the years, Pixar animation studio has patented and perfected a particular type of film: bittersweet life lessons of depth and strong emotion, wrapped in truly slick, cutie-pie images. Among the Toy Stories and Toy Cars that are more prominent on children, this strand of Pixar product has created a series of emotional classes: Wall-E, Up, Inside Out.

Well, Soul sees Pixar knock another man out of the park – and perhaps unsurprisingly, the name of Up and Inside Out director Pete Docter is at the top, both as director and co – director. writer. (Another of the writers, One Night in Miami’s Kemp Powers, gets co-director credit.) Overall, Soul seems like a hybrid of Inside Out, with its literal contribution of inner psychological construction. , and Coco, the most traditional – looking afterlife yarn. What Pixar has made up is a fable of a hypermodern spirit world that also looks back to classic anchor values ​​with a touch of mystery at hippy time: music, art, self-expression, track rituals.

In a way, the title is a bit misleading: jazz, not soul, is the musical motif of choice here. (Perhaps, like the original Toy Story and its wooden boy, there’s a year-long recap to prove generations older than the target audience?) Jamie Foxx is Joe’s middle-aged music teacher who falling down a ditch shortly after he got the urge of his life. of a real live gig with a lounge-bar jazz combo, and transported to a detailed remake that is more like A Matter of Life and Death – a Powell and Pressburger film where David Niven, as Foxx, passes by but it is a crisis to get back into the real world.

The spirit spirit world has elegantly designed conceptual architecture: Great Beyond (as well as a conveyor belt) for the souls of dead people; a Great Before, with conferences and advisors for the nursery of informal awareness; and interesting subcollections, such as the “zone” for ecstatic achievement (“in the zone”) and a wilderness of “lost” souls. On hand are soul “counters” and “advisors” similar to Picasso’s line drawings.

Funny, though, all of this is a complex prelude to the rich comedy of Soul on Earth: what is a three-way body swap in which Joe’s soul ends up inside a cat, and the spirit of an unborn animal (played by Tina Fey) called just 22 lives in Joe’s body. Ultimately, though, all of Pixar’s film is about growing up, and Soul explores this on several levels: from Joe’s confidence to cutting the apron strings to 22 being willing to give birth.

As Covid degenerates into cinemagoing, Soul was struck early – and some might subtly say – on to Disney ‘s streaming service, rather than the big screen. It’s a shame: the film’s glossy design deserves to be seen in the widest possible format. But Soul is definitely a movie that could rise to any moment, even a cruddy laptop browser. It is just joy from beginning to end.