Top 4 music streaming apps (2021)

Are you thinking about other streaming services? I tried the following three and did not like them as much as our main pictures. Here’s why.

Amazon Music: The best thing about Amazon Music is that its basic hat-free series is introduced by Prime, but it’s ridiculous. It has a song catalog of over 70 million tracks, but some artists and albums are limitless unless you pay more for Amazon Music Unlimited— $ 8 per month for main members and $ 10 per month for everyone else . Audio quality at 256 Kbps is better than Spotify’s free series at 160 Kbps, but I prefer Spotify’s interface, music discovery, and curated playlists. There is a main series that encourages the streaming bitrate to an average of 850 Kbps called Amazon Music HD. It costs $ 13 per month for Prime members and $ 15 for non-Prime members. If you are going to pay up, there are better options.

Deezer: On iOS and Android, you can only have “1,000 albums” and your favorite artist, each. That is way too low. Music discovery tips are pretty bad too. I would listen to one band and Deezer would suggest something very different. Many of the curated playlists included tracks from albums that were not available in the US, so I was unable to play them. Not just obscure titles, but multiple tracks in Ray Charles collections, for example. There was also a tricky back button that would scratch screens, like Apple Music

Pandora: Pandora is still very popular, but it has been gradually losing audience since 2014. The free series still works like the old Pandora, where you can squeeze in. your radio station but you can’t find your own music. For the $ 5-a-month series, you need to look at an ad to find and play the songs you want. The $ 10 per month Premium series promises unlimited crews, along with a nice print that says “teams (limited by some licensing restrictions.” The maximum of 192 Kbps is too low to be eligible for payment.It is a bad opportunity all around.