Tonight, the scroll of the common destiny of the Jewish people will be launched

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Raichel Invites: Launch of the Scroll of 'Our Common Purpose'

(Photo courtesy of: ‘Our Common Purpose’)

Tonight (Thursday), about a year after it was launched at the President’s House, a special event will be held to launch the Scroll of the Common Destiny of the Jewish People, which returns to Jerusalem.

As part of the event, the President of the State, Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin, will this evening adopt the scroll “Our Common Destiny” which defines values ​​common to all Jews in the world

In a festive and special broadcast from the President’s House with the participation of the Minister of Diaspora and the leaders of the initiative from the Genesis Foundation, the scroll will be presented in its final version to the public.

An exciting international Jewish duet by singer and creator Idan Raichel and Grammy Award-winning singer Jessica Glynn is also expected at the event.

In a special ceremony to be broadcast from the President’s House in Jerusalem, President Reuven Rivlin will adopt the scroll of ‘Our Common Destiny’, after it is back from a journey between hundreds of Jewish communities around the world. About a year after the Megillah was launched at the President’s House and after it was formulated and received references from more than 130,000 Jews around the world, who participated in the largest Jewish referendum in history, the Megillah will present the set of important values ​​for the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the Diaspora.

Courtesy: The Common Purpose

During the ceremony the President of the State will adopt the scroll and carry things. Among the topics at the event: Minister of Diaspora, Omar Inkelevich, Chairman and Founder of the Genesis Foundation, Michael Friedman and CEO of Joint Designation Sandy Cardin. In addition, an art show and first exposure of the joint song of the singer and creator Idan Raichel with the Jewish British singer, the winner of the Grammy Award, Jessica Galim, is expected. The ‘Our Common Destiny’ project aims to connect Jews, with different cultural and religious identities to each other and to Jews living in Israel, by defining a set of ethical values ​​and principles that will be agreed and shared by all the Jews of the world. This is a joint initiative that the Genesis Foundation and the Ministry of Diaspora have been working on for more than two years and which received the patronage of the president about a year ago.

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