Tonight: All countries in the world are ‘red’

Itamar Levin

Itamar Levin

Transcript of a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office, December 6, 2020. On the agenda: how to ensure that the public does not believe a single word on the subject of the corona, and especially ahead of the arrival of vaccines. Means: Everything is allowed. This is what it looks like – fruit d …

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Modern science has caused a population explosion; The formation of the status of the urban proletariat that threatened the political system and shocked the industrialized national society and state; The proletariat has no authentic leaders and as of …

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Guri Alfi (born: September 18, 1976), Israel. Israeli comedian, actor, singer, director and television producer.

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The declaration – so as not to cause a diplomatic crisis [צילום: קאמרן ג’בריילי/AP]

Netanyahu and Edelstein. We will be vaccinated tonight [צילום: יוסי אלוני/פלאש 90]

Corona spread in the third wave
Tonight: All countries in the world are ‘red’

Out of a desire to avoid a diplomatic incident with the United Arab Emirates, which suffers from increased morbidity in Corona and to which many Israelis have traveled, all the countries of the world will be declared tonight at midnight as red countries from which returnees must be isolated. At 20:00, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health will receive the corona vaccines

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Tonight at midnight the epidemiological definitions of all the countries in the world, in terms of the State of Israel, will be updated, and all of them will be considered red countries. The declaration of all countries as red was intended to prevent the need to declare the United Arab Emirates alone as a red state – a necessary step due to the high morbidity in the emirates and due to a significant Israeli presence in Dubai – which could have led to a recent crisis with the Arab state.

Starting December 20 (from midnight tonight), all countries will be considered red and whoever returns from them will have to go into 14-day isolation. Or alternatively perform a first test on his return and a second test after 9 days from the moment of landing and if both tests are negative he can come out of isolation after 10 days. The tests should be done with a minimum difference of 24 hours, between the two tests. It was also stipulated that those who stay in countries that were considered green to this day and return from there by December 26, will be exempt from isolation.

At 20:00, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein are expected to receive the corona vaccines and launch the Israeli vaccination campaign. Meanwhile, the corona’s commissioner, Prof. Nachman Ash, is trying to incentivize the Arab sector to get vaccinated against corona.

“The vaccine is our hope to get back to our natural life, but it depends very much on the immunization of the people, we all need to be vaccinated so that we can get out of this situation,” he said (Saturday, 19.12.20) during a visit to Kfar Kanna. According to him, the village is currently closed, and the only thing that can be done at the moment is to go for a check-up and locate patients. “This is the only way to stop the spread of the virus and slowly get out of this situation and return to our natural lives,” he said.

date: 19/12/2020 | Updated: 19/12/2020

Itzik Wolf

Tonight: All countries in the world are ‘red’

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of a vaccine developed by a modern company against the corona virus. The approval was given a day earlier an external expert committee of the agency approved the use of the vaccine.

The State of Israel is incapable of planning anything and a half The corona epidemic highlights this in the most severe way – from the lack of preparation for vaccines to the lack of treatment of long-term consequences The Bardak is also celebrated on the light rail in Tel Aviv Anyone who complains about lack of governance should see what trouble politicians make in the most important offices

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for commercial use the corona vaccine made by a modern company. The use of the vaccine was approved at the end of one of the most difficult days the United States has known since the outbreak of the corona plague – with about a quarter of a million new infections in one day.

The Corona Cabinet, which convenes on Sunday, is expected to approve a change in traffic light definitions in the way many authorities currently defined as orange – and as those scheduled to take place next week online in fifth-twelfth grades – will be defined as yellow, allowing further schooling.

Since the outbreak of the corona plague, last February, the housing market has known how to deal surprisingly with the crisis. In the two prolonged closures, that of March-April and that of September-October, the sales offices were actually closed, which in many cases made the phones and especially the “zoom” calls, a substitute for the classic apartment sale process.

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Itzik Wolf
Itzik Wolf