To the right launches the livelihood caravan

Bennett in the livelihood

Photo: Spokeswoman

The Right Party today (Sunday) launched the party’s livelihood caravan in the city of Beer Sheva.

Party chairman Naftali Bennett held a meeting with business owners and self-employed people in the city, spoke live with Ran Shaked – the owners of the zappa in the city, and then there was a meeting with a number of right-wing activists in the city.

In the next two weeks, the caravan will continue to tour all over the country and meet the public, hear about the difficulties in the Corona crisis and offer solutions.

According to Bennett: “Everyone lives in the comfort of grants that fall from helicopters. The money comes from loans that the state takes out. Our children will pay the price.”

“The entire private sector is financing the whole celebration. The Israeli government must lower the tax rate and regulation. We will form a government whose business is business,” he added.

Ran Shaked noted, “I can understand the thinking of sitting at home, it’s a greenhouse but it hurts business. If I want to open the zappa tomorrow I have no workers, the waiters have finished studying and left. The connection, their skill and the training process have gone to waste. “.