To raise the budget for 2020 on Sunday for government approval

The Minister of Finance, Israel Katz, today (Thursday) addressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, raising the state budget for 2020, which he presented to the government secretariat, on December 7, for the approval of the government. After that, his intention is to submit it to the Knesset for approval by December 23, as stipulated in the law, thus preventing unnecessary elections, he said.

At the same time, Minister Katz appealed to Blue and White Chairman Bnei Gantz to support the proposal and continue talks on the budget promotion schedules for 2021, along with the important arrangements and reforms for the economy that are ready to be submitted, while freezing Gantz’s support for advancing the election law.

“Your refusal to support the budget and drag the State of Israel into an unnecessary election campaign, due to political debates, constitutes national irresponsibility and a direct economic attack on the citizens of the State of Israel. “The State of Israel, which is on the verge of a third closure and at the beginning of the national vaccination campaign, needs a stable and strong government that works for the citizens of the State of Israel – out of the health, economic and social crisis, and we must all rise above and prevent an expensive and unnecessary election.”

Minister Israel Katz. Photo: Gadi Sierra