Tina Fey: ‘I saved someone’ s life – but he doesn’t know ‘| Ents & Arts News

Tina Fey says saving one ‘s life is one of her greatest achievements in 2020.

The actress and comedian said the shocking incident happened on the first day of a trip with her family to a rented house near the Hudson River during quarantine.

Speaking on The Tonight Show, she told chat show host Jimmy Fallon: “I saved someone’s life. He doesn’t know but it was us.”

The 50-year-old star said she was drinking her coffee on the porch outside when she heard a strange noise.

She said she couldn’t work out if it was someone who wanted help, or if it was a bird call.

After hearing the shouting several times, Fey called the police, who quickly came to investigate.

He was apparently a man who had turned his kayak and was lost with an oar.

He was eventually found sailing in the river a mile north and was rescued by police.

Accepting that it was a cunning situation, Fey told Fallon: “Never Kayak! Never kayak in the Hudson! That’s not a stream. It’s like a rat toilet!”

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Fey is currently appearing alongside Jamie Foxx in the film Soul, a Disney animation about the life of a musician who has lost his commitment to music.

The makers of the movie Pixar have come to the difficult decision of streaming online rather than premiere in the cinema and will be released on Disney + on Christmas Day.

Fey has also written a new TV series – Mr. Mayor – starring Ted Danson as a wealthy businessman who will be the mayor of Los Angeles.

Currently in production, the comedy is set to air next year.