Tiger Woods plays with his son Charlie as a couple showing the same swing

Spectators at Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Florida saw a double Thursday as Tiger Woods lined up to work alongside his playing partner.

Charlie Woods, the 11-year-old son of a 15-year-old champion, appears alongside his father at the PNC Tournament, formerly known as the Father-Son Challenge.

Gary Majors, who won nine majors, and Justin Thomas was currently in the world among other stars appearing with friends, but there was an understandable focus on Woods and Woods Jr.

Tiger celebrated his 2019 Masters win with his two children – revealing later that they fought over his green jacket on the fly home – and seems to have taught Charlie a trick or two.

Fragments of Woods Jr. golf swing have been around for a while, but seeing what he did in conjunction with his father – right down to the club twirl – made for a special look.