Tie break? On the move of Marcus Aldridge Lantes

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In recent years the NBA has been moving in the direction of “super teams,” which sometimes make the league look more like a movie of the Avengers and less like a sports organization. You will usually find LeBron James on one side, and on the other side will appear an ambitious bunch claiming to take the crown off his head. In the previous decade it was Golden State that gave the contract to the greatest player of the current century so far, and now it’s Brooklyn’s turn to try her luck.

Brooklyn has the two deadliest weapons a team can ever want to beat King James: a player who defeated LeBron in the final (Kevin Durant) and a player who won with LeBron in the final (Kyrie Irving). These two are of course complemented by the (leading?) Candidate for MVP James Harden, and in the last day this glittering trio has received another significant boost of power.

With reports of Lamarcus Aldridge joining Brooklyn, Steve Nash’s team will have no less than six All-Star players during their careers, namely the trio, Aldridge, Griffin and Diandra Jordan. How many All-Star shows does everyone have together? 41. Throughout the history of the league only the 2010/11 and 2011/12 Boston models had a roster with more All-Star appearances.

There is no doubt that three of the six are well after the peak, but even in their current fitness it will be difficult to bet against them, certainly when everyone will be healthy and the load has dropped from each player. The “Fansided” website, for example, has already been quick to announce the upcoming champion. “Aldridge’s signing makes Brooklyn a clear favorite for the championship,” it read. What is behind this decisive statement? We went out to check.

The Brooklyn match
Already at the time of Adrian Wozniacki’s report on the move, it was noted that “LA” would play mostly as a center. Remember, this is also what Blake Griffin was promised but in the last practice played 42 of his 55 minutes in the black-and-white uniform in position 4. When Kevin Durant returns very soon, straight to the power forward position, we will see Griffin and Aldridge play more and more as chins.

Quite surprisingly, Nash is not in as much trouble with chins as he was expected to be after the trade that sent the dominant Jarrett Allen to Cleveland. The main reason for this is 21-year-old Nick Claxton who plays an excellent role, especially on defense. While the defensive index of Diandra Jordan and Jeff Green (also playing as chin) stands at 112.8 and 118.1 respectively, that of Claxton totals 100.3.

Brooklyn is on track to shatter the record set by Dallas last season with the best offensive index in history, and its deadliest five on offense is actually with Green as center. The main goal of the Hunters is that Aldridge will bring the desired balance and contribute both on offense (can gain the pitch like Green) and on defense (as opposed to Green). So far this season, rival players have scored 59% against Aldridge in the ring area, and 69% against Green.

The perfect figure: The Nets now hold three of the four players with the highest percentage in the league from half-distance this season: Kyrie (1), Aldridge (3) and Durant (4). With all due respect to friends from San Antonio, here Aldridge will play with players of a completely different caliber who will arrange free throws for him whenever he wants.

The problematic figure: Since the trade for Harden, the Hunts have made the most defensive substitutions in the entire league. Aldridge, on the other hand, has made a spare in defense just nine times all season. Will his feet keep pace with the NBA’s nimble guards? Not sure.

Back to Miami
After the trade deadline this week, it was clear to everyone that Oldridge would make his way to Miami unless something unexpected happened. Well, something unexpected happened. “Last month Aldridge told everyone he was coming to Miami,” the United States reported, but he eventually decided to turn his back on Pat Riley and the hit, and join Brooklyn because of the team’s high chance of winning the championship. The Miami (six) losing streak also did not help his decision, it was claimed overseas.

Another issue that must have played a role in the decision is the difference between the chin position in Miami and Brooklyn. In Florida LA there was a game behind the star of the team in Am Adbaio, while Bentes as we have seen he has a much more significant chance of becoming a top five player who plays a lot of minutes. This season he played 25.9 minutes per game – the least since his rookie season in Portland.

The reactions in the local media
Ryan Ward, Covering the Los Angeles Lakers, said: “It’s amazing how Brooklyn became the Lakers of the East so quickly, in that it attracts the big names and makes big moves. Aldridge and Griffin are not the players they used to be, but it shows experienced players. “In their caliber, the Nets believe they can win the championship.”

Tas Malas Athletic’s “No Dunks” podcast tweeted: “What’s going on in Brooklyn is not fair, Aldridge has scored 20+ points in a third of his games this season. .. “.

Keith Smith Yahoo wrote: “Imagine being told 5-6 years ago that Durant, Harden, Kyrie, Blake and Aldridge play on the same team, and that team is called Brooklyn. I’m sure people were very confused.” On the site CBS Surely this Brooklyn signing is excellent: “It will only improve the Hunts’ chances of winning the championship. Not only did they add another excellent player, they also prevented him from playing for one of their rivals.”

On ESPN Were rather more skeptical about the forward / center move: “Initial response enthusiastic that the Nets have added another famous All-Star to their new squad, but not sure Aldridge is improving their chances of winning the championship. It depends on him and his ability to adapt to better players to play alongside him. “Griffin immediately looks a different player compared to the one he was in Detroit at the beginning of the season, and of course Nash will have some of the ability with his rotations in the chin position.”

As you might guess, even on social media they did not remain indifferent to Aldridge’s move, which made people wonder how LeBron James reacted to the news. The best tweets in front of you >>>