This is what has happened to the Commissioner’s daughter since we wrote about her

Last Tuesday and after receiving a recommendation from the Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana, Superintendent Kobi Shabtai, who served As commander of the Samaria region, commander of the Sharon region and commander of the Border Police, Received the message that every senior police officer dreams of: If there are no unexpected changes, he is on his way to becoming the next Commissioner of the Israel Police.

Upon hearing the news, we at Mako Celebs immediately approached the really interesting craft and first unveiled Saturn’s beautiful daughter, 24-year-old Saturn Forest, who maintains an addictive Instagram account and continues Abush’s path in the police force. Apparently we are not the only ones who have recognized the aura of the stars hovering above it.

Saturn Forest (Photo: From Instagram of Saturn Forest)
With Abush. Forest and Kobe Saturn | Photo: From the Instagram of Saturn Forest

A day after the publication of our article about her and although it has not yet addressed Daddy Kobe’s future appointment, Saturn’s Instagram page gained a significant jump in the number of followers: from the respectable 4,000 number Forest reached the coveted “K” today when she crossed the 10,000 mark in less than 24 hours. We are already waiting for the commercial collaborations and launches that will come with the end of the vaccination campaign.

Saturn Forest Followers (Photo: From Saturn Forest Instagram)
Another will reach 100K. Saturn’s followers | Photo: From the Instagram of Saturn Forest
Saturn Forest (Photo: From Instagram of Saturn Forest)
The most beautiful policewoman? It seems to us that it is | Photo: From the Instagram of Saturn Forest