This is the Simpsons video game never seen before dreaming for Sega Dreamcast

As a low-end Wired Magazine employee, one of my first assignments was reviewing 2007s Simpsons Game: a progressive autobiographical parody of the entire gaming industry that, unfortunately, suffered as many tropes as it was talking about. But it turns out that Fox had been interested in a Simpsons trilogy long before that – one that could have appeared on the Sega Dreamcast if things had worked out.

Today, the DreamcasticChannel on YouTube (via Kotaku) presents an unpublished tech show from the year 2000 for a title entitled “The Simpsons: Bug Squad! ”It’s from the long-gone Red Lemon Studios, and it’s amazing how the game’s dark graphics look like. Apparently, a user of a Dreamcast-Talk forum by the name of sreak found this demo just sitting on a broken hard drive Dreamcast dev kit, and with a little help, the forum figured out how to played.

Screenshot of DreamcasticChannel (YouTube)

Less understood is the whole Sguad Bug something. Were you really going to play bug? Why? Who would your squad be in danger for?

Hopefully some of the original developers (or Fox executives) will come along until we find out.