This 12-year-old is now a college student, and wants to work at NASA – BGR

If you saw 12 – year – old Alena Wicker wearing her Arizona State University hoodie you might think she got it from an older sibling or even a parent. I mean, it’s clear that a 12-year-old student isn’t a student in the prestigious school… right? Wrong! Wicker was recently admitted to ASU after submitting her application without even telling her mother. You see, Alena Wicker is something of a childish cheer, and with the help of her mother, she has run ahead of other students her age and is already college ready and, soon after. , a role that makes the most of her gifts.

Mar TSR reports, a Dallas-Fort Worth preacher has already embraced a high school curriculum without setting foot inside a school. Her mother, Dr. Daphne McQuarter has cared for her and allowed her to give her love to science and engineering and run with it. Now, the 12 – year – old girl is on her way to becoming the youngest black woman ever to hold a NASA position and hopes to work with the space agency before she turns 16.

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Wicker has always loved science and even from the age of 4, she expressed her desire to work for NASA. Her mother says she nurtured that gift and it is clear that her daughter is very capable. Her application to ASU certainly came as a surprise to her mother, who admitted that she did not even know that her daughter had applied to go to college and sought student support on her own. Her adoption was a surprise to her mother, but she fully supports her daughter’s desire to push forward with her education and embark on a career she loves.

So what’s next for the talented 12-year-old? College, of course, but not your usual course responsibility. Wicker plans to do a major duplication in both Astronomy and Planning Science as well as Chemistry. Her ultimate goal is to enter NASA levels as a teenager and start working on missions such as the Perseverance rover’s trip to Mars. She will try to achieve that as soon as she does with the college in about four years.

Assuming she finishes her dream job – and there’s no reason to think she wouldn’t knock her out of the park – she works in places she already knows . Her mother has taken regular trips with Alena to various NASA facilities and launch sites, giving her a detailed look at the kind of work she hopes to do one day.

With all that Alena Wicker ‘s looks have put on, this is not the last time we hear about her achievements. At just 12 years old she has already achieved a lot, and four years from now we may be hearing about the 16-year-old getting her dream career as a NASA engineer.

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