There are 3 reasons why the Houston Rockets are James Harden ‘s best chance at a title

Houston Rockets

Christian Wood # 35 and James Harden # 13 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Carmen Mandato / Getty Images)

While James Harden is seeking a trade from the Houston Rockets, Harden still has the best chance of winning a title in Houston, for a number of reasons.

The soap opera that James Harden and the Houston Rockets continue to do is as the regular season approaches. Day after day, Rockets fans are bombarded with news reports that Harden wants to trade.

As the preseason progresses and the Houston Rockets get their full squad on the floor, it starts to look like Harden ‘s best chance at a title is not to trade but stay right where it is with the Rockets.

By permission, the Rockets have been embroiled in controversy since being eliminated from the playoffs by the Los Angles Lakers. It started with Mike D’Antoni deciding to walk after his contract expired, followed by the news that Daryl Morey was leaving the Rockets for “family time.”

Then the bombs started falling.

The first news that came out was that Russell Westbrook wanted to trade after just one season in Houston. Then came news shortly after that franchise cornerstone that James Harden wanted out as well.

Since that news came out, Westbrook has been traded for John Wall and Harden is reportedly still wanting to be on a new team.

The Rockets, however, have reaped all the benefits in this drama. Harden is still under contract for at least another two years, and new General Manager Rafael Stone, with his lawyer ‘s history, doesn’t look like the kind of person who tears up any situation. .

With all that said, Harden may want to take a closer look at home if he’s trying to find his best chance at a title in the next year or two. Here are three reasons why Harden has the best chance at a title with the Houston Rockets.