The WWE Edge star reveals why he is not on Cameo

The WWE Edge star reveals why he is not on Cameo. A fan of the Rated-R Superstar asked to enter the video hosting site.

The WWE Edge star recalled time on his career back in 2011 before miraculously returning at Royal Rumble this year. Fans at the superstitious sight of Rated-R in a WWE ring wrestled again as he stood there resting in the adventure of millions whose eyes could not believe.

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The fans have always been an important part of a player’s ascent to the top and Edge was quick to point out how important they are to them when asked why he wasn’t on Cameo. A fan asked him to log into the video hosting site to get a birthday message from the WWE star. If you weren’t already fond of Edge, its response will definitely win you over.

The WWE Edge star reveals why he is not on Cameo

“Ppl [sic] ask them of you earnestly. Why not on @BookCameo (I also automatically recommend this as I have a birthday in a few months.) ”Wrote the fan.

“The fact that young children, who were not born even when I retired for a birthday is shouting at me at this stage of my career makes me happier than the message makes them. I don’t have to charge people to take 2 minutes out of my day. It’s part of the gig. Good part. ”Edge wrote back explaining why he’s not on Cameo.

Edge is out right now with an injury he suffered at his game with Randy Orton at Backlash. He is currently taking a break and is reported to be close to recovering and returning as well.

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