The vaccination campaign for Corona will begin tonight; Netanyahu will be vaccinated before everyone else

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein will open the corona vaccination campaign in Israel this evening (Saturday), and tomorrow the citizens will also receive the vaccines through the health funds, with the first being those in the ‘risk groups’.

The vaccine for two will be given in front of the cameras, live, at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, at 20:00, “in order to set an example and encourage the general public to get vaccinated against the corona virus,” they said.

Meanwhile, and only with the intensification of the epidemic, the directors of the internal departments of the hospitals are addressing the Israeli public directly: “Hurry up and get vaccinated!

“For almost a year we have been seeing the virus in the bodies and minds of our patients in the corona wards,” the doctors explain, “and know from the exhausting, mentally draining coping, how terrible a disease it is.”

Prof. Gepter-Guilly, from the Department of Internal Medicine at Beilinson, in direct contact (Photo: Spokeswoman for the Association of Internal Medicine)

The directors of the wards explain: “We, who are parting with great heartache from Corona patients, who are dying; who have to stand in front of families and say the worst of all; who know that some healers will also have severe medical symptoms; we, more than any other medical person in the country, understand how much This disease is cursed, deceptive and severe – plead: get vaccinated quickly! “.

“As humanity has managed to eradicate and defeat other serious diseases in the past, so will we succeed with the corona with the help of vaccines. Please, as a public, ignore false information and dangerous theories. Only an orderly and organized vaccination of most of the population will stop the epidemic.”