The soldiers will start getting vaccinated from the end of the month, the chief of staff will be the first

The IDF Spokesman said today (Wednesday) that following the Chief of Staff’s directive to promote the vaccination of IDF soldiers quickly and efficiently, and after two discussions chaired by him, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General Eyal Zamir, instructed to prepare for the implementation of the Corona Batz To.

The vaccination campaign will be managed by the Technology and Logistics Division, under the professional leadership of the Medical Corps, while establishing a customized logistics envelope. The purpose of the operation is to provide the Corona vaccine to all IDF soldiers, in the shortest period of time from the moment the vaccines are received, in a supervised, effective and professional manner.

The operation is coordinated with the Ministry of Health and will take place in accordance with its guidelines and in accordance with the required procedures, including storage conditions, the timing of the second vaccination and the definition of the patient as vaccinated. The vaccines will be issued to spatial vaccination complexes to which IDF servicemen will be invited, when the vaccination will be performed by a medical staff member who will be trained by the School of Military Medicine, and will do so under the supervision of a certified nurse.

The Shuttle system, which was originally established as a replacement for public transportation for IDF servicemen, will be used to transport soldiers from the various units, in an organized and concentrated manner, to the vaccination complexes. The level of immunization was determined according to the priority of the General Staff instructed by the Operations Division, in cooperation with the commands, divisions and arms.

IDF servicers are expected to start getting vaccinated by the end of next month. The outlines for prioritization first include medical personnel, who are at the forefront of the fighting in the struggle, after which IDF servicemen belonging to risk groups, combat units operating in a unique outline, fighters, critical support units and senior commanders will be vaccinated.

Chief of Staff Kochavi will be the first to get vaccinated, to set a personal example and encourage other IDF soldiers to get vaccinated. At a later stage, upon receipt of additional vaccine doses, the remaining servants will be vaccinated. The health of IDF servicemen and the functional continuity of the army are a supreme value in determining this priority.

For the sake of preparation, the unified supply center was instructed to purchase supportive medical equipment and the logistics corps will be prepared to provide logistical backup to the complexes. The ICT and Cyber ​​Defense Division will build an ICT-technology envelope for complexes and will build a technological database on the basis of which the Medical Corps, together with the Human Resources Corps, will manage the operation and use the information to adjust the accuracy and accuracy of the response provided.

Photo: IDF Spokesman