The shocking action of the group of vaccine opponents

‘Opponents of vaccines’ have been working for many years, but it seems that just now with the arrival of vaccines in Corona, their voices are being heard more and more | Dr. Unger uploaded disturbing documentation of a daring and extreme action produced by the opponents

The conservative “Opponents of Vaccines” group did not rise yesterday. For years they have been trying to raise their heads and are cut off time and time again. However, the corona caused them to resurrect.

Yesterday, Dr. Lior Unger uploaded disturbing documentation to his Facebook page, which shows False obituaries about “children victims of corona vaccines” hung by vaccine opponents. One ad said the girl died because her body could not withstand the DNA changes, while another ad said the boy was “poisoned by a new technology whose disappearance has not been tested on humans.” And wrote that “during yesterday, a bunch of opponents of vaccinated vaccines, false and shocking but shocking ads hung on ‘children victims of corona vaccines’ in a number of cities in the center of the country.”

He said, “These mourning ads are part of an organized and funded activity aimed at sowing anxiety and fear, safe and effective vaccines that, by the way, have not yet been approved for administration in children. “At the end of the day, this is a new kind of terrorism, terrorism that has replaced explosives with propaganda materials. Terrorism is no less deadly, and even more so, because it threatens to keep us in the current situation for a long time to come.”

Dr. Unger noted that “Corona vaccines are very safe, effective and life-saving, and if many choose to get vaccinated, they will help us save lives and businesses in Israel.” Tear it up and throw it away. “