The Secret Coach: A half-term Premier League report (part one)

He has been very busy in the first third of the season in the English Premier League, but how is each team doing? We talked The Secret Coach to relegate the teams in the bottom half of the table in part one of our Premier League End of Year report. Last week, the Secret Coach was about the favors of time off and rest periods. This week, there is no release.

The Secret Coach is a professional football coach in English football… who remains anonymous. The Secret Coach has worked with some of the biggest names in the game, been through the coaching badges and is currently part of the coaching team at the English league side… and that is what we tell you. As always, this week, the Secret Coach isn’t pulling punches!

Sheffield United: “Unfortunately, Chris Wilder’s team has not improved or strengthened this year,” said TSC. “They were an amazing package last season but now everyone knows what to expect and Wilder has not changed. He has no power to sustain them, which is a shame because they are such a dedicated team. ”

Albion West Bromwich: “The Baggies of old; nice football at times but that doesn’t guarantee you a place in the Premier League although that may change under Sam Allardyce! I remember the Mowbray years, when they played beautiful football but went to bed with better teams – commendable but it doesn’t make sense. Again I feel so far, there is not enough to compete with the midfield teams. ”

Fulham: “I want Parker to do well, there are not enough young British managers and the Cottages have a chance, but again a lack of experience could bring them down. They don’t seem to have a plan B when they play a better challenge or when Plan A doesn’t work. They’re punching above their weight so far, but if they scream like there were scenes they can, they might just probably escape the drop. ”

Burnley: Sean Dyche’s team is as firm as a wolf as it has ever been. Hard to hit and gain experience, but this year I’m afraid opportunities created and not taken could be spent on them. That said, they are showing that they are still hard to beat and will work hard as well. ”

Brighton: Good set up, good young manager, playing nice stuff, though… draws and single points are not going to be good enough. They need to find a way to win games or watch them out as you can go unnoticed all season in the Premier League but score 38 points and still go down. ”

Arsenal: Scenes of magic and quality football, but then the more experienced players are the problem. Arteta destroys them and loses patience in them because the youngsters have come in and done well. Too many big players are on big bucks and not performing. I see Arteta getting it right and Arsenal getting to the table. ”

Leeds United: An interesting, explosive but erratic beginning, it’s a matter of winning here and losing there. It’s good to get free scoring and they are dangerous for anyone to play against, but they are suspicious at the back and I can’t see many clean pages. That could be dragged into a dog’s relegation dog if left untreated. ”

Newcastle United: “Steve Bruce is reliable and knows what he’s doing, with a tough business in the moving market. He has some strikers who can score, and I want some of Callum Wilson ‘s goals to keep them going around the midfield mark. ”

Crystal Palace: “Another team that is playing well on their day, but has too much confidence in a single player in Wilfried Zaha. Ererechi Eze looks sharp, so could he fill Zaha’s boots? The Eagles are definitely going to give some of the big teams trouble as the season progresses. ”

Aston Villa: “It’s one of the most amazing packages of the season so far. They were quietly doing well at the end of last year but losing or winning a lottery. Now they have achieved the same but made good moves in the summer and with Ollie Watkins ahead, I feel they will be easy in the middle of the table if they continue as usual. they were. Win a few, lose a few but the Villains will draw a few surprises as well. ”

That’s the bottom half, but which of the top teams? View the second part of the English Premier League end of year report courtesy of The Secret Coach.