The Samaria Council threatens to petition the High Court

Yossi Dagan

Photo: Hillel Meir / TPS

The Samaria Regional Council sent a warning letter before a petition to the High Court to the Minister of Health, the Minister of Education and the directors of their ministries, claiming that there was discrimination against students in grades one through four in the orange and red regional councils.

According to the Samaria Council, children from these councils who live in green and yellow localities are forced to stay at home even though they live in green and yellow localities, as do all the students who come to the same schools.

“An absurd situation has arisen that is probably due to a lack of understanding,” says Samaria Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan, who initiated the petition. Until Wednesday in the Samaria Regional Council who are not allowed to go to school even though they live in green or yellow communities and so do all their friends at the school.

” For example, all localities in northern Samaria are green or yellow and have a regional school, but the school is closed because the council is orange due to settlements that are more than an hour’s drive away. “Students who have been sitting at home for more than a month are forced to continue sitting at home due to a mistake in understanding the special structure of the regional councils,” Dagan explained.

Dagan notes that the Ministry of Health actually understood and accepted the council’s position regarding early childhood, but does not allow return to schools in the same format for first- to fourth-grade students.

Attorneys Amichai Weinberger and Adi Sandinsky Levy, representing the Samaria Regional Council, wrote in a letter of warning sent to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Education:

“The structure of regional councils is in a bi-governmental level, one that unites a number of localities located in the same particular geographical area. Depending on the traffic light model used to treat the epidemic, each local authority receives a weighted score from several parameters On the scope of activity permitted in a local authority. In addition to providing a score and a color catalog to the regional council, scores are also given to each locality and locality in its municipal area. ”

According to the lawyers, “The governmental structure of the regional council creates a situation in which some localities in its territory can by themselves be defined as green while others are defined as red. Although the authority color of the Samaria Council is orange in its area, there are 6 green localities, 8 yellow localities, 2 orange localities and 11 red localities.

” As a result, even though there is a green or yellow locality, and even though a school fed exclusively by green or yellow localities can and will operate within the locality, regulations do not allow for the opening of a school in that locality when the council’s authority color is not such. In other words, the green settlement is imprisoned and swallowed up in the Red Regional Council. ”

“We appeal to you to take immediate action to rectify the decisions so as not to cause further injustice to students who are already experiencing a year full of difficulties that will have many consequences for our child in the future,” the applicants conclude.