The rank of Major General was awarded to the incoming Chief of Staff | Chief of Staff: “Personnel is the secret of the IDF”

Brigadier General Yaniv Asur was promoted to the rank of Major General today (Sunday), in a ceremony held at the Office of the Chief of General Staff in the Rabin Camp (Kirya), Tel Aviv. The ceremony, which was held in a small format due to the Corona virus, was attended by Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, Chief of General Staff Major General Aviv Kochavi and members of the General Staff Forum.

In the words of the Chief of Staff, Major General Kochavi: “The General Staff Forum you enter is the most in-depth, serious, systematic and thorough forum that deals with the security of the State of Israel 24/7, in good faith, purity of intent, unity of purpose and enormous responsibility. Manpower is the IDF secret that allowed it to advance, evolve and break through.

“He has always been at the heart of our business, but the reality is that as the years go by, the challenge becomes greater – also for conscripts, permanent personnel, civilian IDF workers and other circles. We will not have these achievements without the quality of the people we have.”

From the words of the incoming head of the ACA, Maj. Gen. Yaniv Asur: Demonstrate generosity, paragon and evil. “To lead together with you the generals of the General Staff and with the commanders of the division processes that will enable equal opportunities for all MASHAV, while improving its starting point. Empowering the servants and strengthening the fighting spirit, sense of belonging, pride and mission.”

IDF spokesperson