The rabbis mobilized – thousands participated: Shabbat national information “Jewish State – Order of the Hour”

Rabbi Yigal Kamintsky

Photo: Channel 7

More than 200 Torah lessons were held last Saturday in communities across the country, with the participation of thousands of participants, under the title “Jewish State – Temporary Order.”

The classes, which took place from Nahariya to Eilat, touched on “issues that are at the heart of the nation – state conversion, family status, the status of the chief rabbinate, the public Sabbath and more,” and dealt with public responsibility for the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

Among the rabbis who taught Shiurim: Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, Rabbi Elyakim Lebanon, Rabbi Yigal Kaminetzky, Rabbi David Dodkevitz, Rabbi Yoel Katan, Rabbi Yigal Shafran, and dozens of other rabbis.

Rabbi Yigal Kamintsky wrote to rabbis ahead of Shabbat: “In these days when the Jewish identity of the state is in great danger, and before a fateful election campaign, we promote a joint initiative of many rabbis from all over the country to elevate public consciousness to understand our public responsibility.”

Rabbi Kamintsky mentioned the ruling of the High Court of Justice, which he said was a “blow with a hammer” to identify the danger of making the State of Israel the state of all its citizens. The rabbi added that “it is not time to whisper. “If the deaf are silent at this time, profit and salvation will stand for the Jews from elsewhere.” God will redeem us, the question is whether from the sanctification of the name or the desecration of the name. ”

Rabbi Kaminecki also asked the rabbis to “warn of this danger in a great Shabbat sermon that preceded Shabbat and Leviticus.