The port will open to the public The seafront will open to the general public as a tourist and leisure center Live here

The Minister of Transportation has approved – the seafront in the port of Haifa will be opened to the general public as a center of tourism and leisure

The Minister of Transportation has signed a historic amendment to the Haifa Port Company’s certification letter. As part of the amendment, the Port of Haifa will be allowed, after the completion of the privatization process, to operate the municipal seafront in the western area of ​​the Port of Haifa.

Historical correction

This is a historic repair in which the front of the port in Haifa will be open to the public, after it was closed during its construction by the British in the 1930s. Now, following a government outline plan approved by the government, it will cease in stages west of the port to be used for unloading and loading cargo and the port company will be able to undertake: , Employment, housing, culture and leisure and anchoring ”.

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The Port of Haifa has been used in recent years as an attractive center of activity. In its western area, a series of festivals were held, as well as footage of television programs, including three seasons of the “Ninja Israel” program, along with a growing increase in the activity of tourist ships. After the privatization of the company and thanks to the amendment that will take effect, the activity will be able to expand significantly.

Miri Regev at the Gulf Port - Haifa (Photo: Yaron Carmi)
Miri Regev at the Gulf Port – Haifa (Photo: Yaron Carmi)

Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, MK Brigadier General Res. Miri Regev: I have no doubt that the port will become a magnet and a leisure and tourism center that will contribute to the economy and the creation of jobs and economic opportunities for Haifa entrepreneurs. “

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Haifa Port Company Chairman of the Board Eshel Armoni: “This is a historic correction. We have been waiting for him for many years. The seafront in the port of Haifa has enormous potential for the port and the city of Haifa and I am convinced that it will become a thing of the world. “

Mandy Salzman (Photo: Hanoch Winikmin)
Mandy Salzman (Photo: Hanoch Winikmin)

Mandy Salzman CEO of Haifa Port Company:

Haifa Port is one of the few in the world that combines extensive activity of all types of cargo alongside thriving cruise activity and festivals for the general public. The new certification letter will make it possible to greatly intensify activities in the west of the port.

There is a bright future