The plane took off, the passengers remained: about 100 Israelis stuck in Frankfurt

More than 100 Israeli passengers were left on the ground in Frankfurt when a Lufthansa plane took off for Tel Aviv without them. The passengers were to board a flight to Tel Aviv as part of the renewal of the company’s flights on the line in the format of rescue flights. Passengers are required to present a negative corona test and approval from the Exceptions Committee.

“We were standing in line, checking everyone’s paperwork and suddenly announcing that we could not board the flight because there was too long a delay and that the plane had to take off,” one of the passengers who arrived in Germany told Globes. Next the passengers’ luggage was unloaded from the plane and the passengers were left behind. Israeli passengers are not allowed to leave the airport and according to the passenger, passengers with a double passport were transferred to hotels and the rest remained at the airport.

Israelis stuck at Frankfurt airport / Photo: Private photo

The company explained that the flight was rushed out of the time limit for landing in Israel. “In the middle of the queue we were told that the flight was being closed and we were staying because of the regulations and guidelines of the authorities in Israel,” said another passenger. “Oranges and Twix and we’re thrown here on the floor. There’s nowhere to go.”

Israelis stuck at Frankfurt airport / Photo: Private photo

Israelis stuck at Frankfurt airport / Photo: Private photo

Lufthansa said: “Lufthansa has resumed its passenger flights from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv this evening. In light of the Israeli government’s new and stringent entry guidelines, which include a requirement to approve an exceptions committee in addition to a negative corona test, in Hebrew or English only, performed 72 hours before the flight. Health, the process of checking the passengers’ documents took a long time. The plane was delayed on the ground for about two hours and due to operational reasons, it was no longer possible to delay its departure.

“Passenger health is a top priority for Lufthansa, which is why we follow strict guidelines. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to passengers and make every effort to find a suitable solution in order to fly them to Tel Aviv as soon as possible. The Lufthansa team in Frankfurt takes care of the welfare of passengers within the limits of the Corona. “