The plan in the association: to bring back the national league

Gidi Lipkin

Ashdod Adumim players disappointed (Noam Moreno)

Ashdod Adumim players disappointed (Noam Moreno)

After it became clear that there are quite a few teams against the establishment of a development league as planned by the Football Association to promote Israeli football, the new plan is to return the national league. The intention is to return this league in the format of a semi-professional league, when Premier League teams will be able to register a subsidiary team in it. Depending on the size of the response, they will also decide on the size of the league.

The intention is to bring back this league in the 2022-2023 season, when there will be thought of the national league’s smallest of 16 teams. All of this will also prevent the collapse of teams that fall from the national league to the first division.

The association believes that through the national league they will make sure that the teams receive a budget and can prevent the dropout of players and the loss of players with potential. The teams that will form sub-teams will be able in this way to run their players who have finished youth and the like. It is estimated that there will be between 6 and 8 sub-teams in the new national league if it is established.

Home playersBetar Tel Aviv / Bat Yam players. Maccabi Tel Aviv will send a national team to a national team? (Itzik Belnitsky)

The association will also consider how to make the league attractive, when they will give all kinds of relief in terms of player registration. It should be noted that the National League, established in 1976, was considered the second most important league until 1999, and when the Premier League was established and the league structure changed, it became the third most important league until it was completely abolished in 2009.