The OnePlus Watch comes with a fast charge and a battery for two weeks

Along with the OnePlus 9 OnePlus series also announced its first entry into the watch field with the OnePlus Watch. It comes in a round and slim design designed to resemble the look of a “classic” watch, in a 46-millimeter case made of stainless steel, a 1.39-inch OLED screen and sapphire glass. At this time, the watch will not have a version with a mobile connection.

The OnePlus Watch is not based on the Wear OS operating system as many had hoped, but relies on an RTOS operating system and an exclusive OnePlus operating interface. The watch will only be able to interface with Android-based phones, but support for iOS devices is expected to join later. Users will be able to choose from dozens of designs for the time display, no less than 110 different fitness tracking modes, the option to answer calls and messages directly from the watch, and a blood oxygen sensor.

The OnePlus Watch also includes 1 GB of working memory, 4 GB of file storage (such as songs – which can be listened to using wireless headphones even if you leave the house without the phone), built-in GPS and IP68 water and dust resistance. When connected to OnePlus TVs, the watch can also be used as a remote control, and even detect a situation where the user falls asleep and automatically turn off the screen.

The most important innovation in the OnePlus Watch probably concerns the battery and the way it is charged. Thanks to One Plus’ Warp Charge technology, the watch can be used for an entire week after charging for only twenty minutes. The maximum battery time for “reasonable” use of the watch is two weeks.

The watch will cost $ 159 in the US, and is expected to hit stores in the middle of next month. A more expensive version made of cobalt alloy, a material twice as strong as steel, will be launched later.

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