The old Rosh Yeshiva denies: not against the vaccine

The old Rosh Yeshiva denies: not against the vaccine

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With the start of corona vaccinations in the United States, anonymous sources began to spread among the ultra-Orthodox community that yeshivot heads and rabbis oppose taking the vaccine.

A handwritten letter reads: “I hereby announce that I have never ruled on the new vaccine on corona patients, and I do not say anything general, no, no and no, but everyone will demand from his doctor, and do as his private need, in all blessings for complete healing.” .

The Rosh Yeshiva’s letter came after last night, Daat Torah ads were distributed in the ultra-Orthodox concentrations in the United States, banning the vaccine.

The notices were signed by the great heads of yeshivas in the United States, among others: Rabbi Shmuel Kamintsky, Rabbi Eliyahu Ber Wachtfoigel, Rabbi Malkiel Kotler and Rabbi Shmuel Meir Katz.

The ads read: “In the Corona vaccine, there are fears of vile conspiracies and serious and terrible dangers on several bicycles.” Today, as stated, the Rosh Yeshiva denied that he signed the letter.

As you may recall, more than two years ago, the head of the yeshiva, Rabbi Kaminecki, was mentioned as one who signed against the vaccination against measles vaccine, but even then it is not clear whether the head of the yeshiva really signed.