The new Procter & Gamble Ad has no Pampers or Tide, just good feelings

The latest ad from Procter & Gamble does not feature any of its well-known products, such as Tide, Pampers or Crest. The only thing the company is really trying to sell is feel good at the end of a bad year.

A new commercial from the consumer goods giant that is now available online and ready to appear on Saturday during the World Citizens Award broadcast on NBC in the US and CTV in Canada, close-up views of babies can be seen and the emotions they express.

“2020 was an incredible year,” said Marc Pritchard, P&G’s chief brand officer, in an interview (above, pictured). “More than ever, businesses have taken a step back and customers we serve more expect. ”

The commercial, created by Dentsu’s McgarryBowen, is designed to “offer a small injection of advanced energy into the world,” says Pritchard, but it will also launch a new round of Procter’s efforts to help people at a difficult time. U.S. Customers U.S. consumers can join a new rewards program called “P&G Good Everyday,” which forces the company to make donations to causes and earn points that can be earned for prizes. At the same time, P&G brands such as Pampers, Always and Pantene will continue with programs that aim to deliver health, hygiene and cleaning products to communities in need.

The company promises “2,021 good deeds” in the new year where its brands will provide personal protective equipment and financial support. Procter has recently sparked new trends aimed at raising awareness of issues including social inequality, climate change and sustainability.

The P&G move comes as the industry has been questioning what kind of tone will strike consumers and the world is trying to move on from the coronavirus pandemic. Taking too much optimism about standing could leave millions out of work or suffering at the time of roiled. Offering an overly negative view may only reinforce some of the doubts consumers have about the economy and the world.

The company is one of the most studied advertisers in the world and its findings are closely followed by marketing officials from a range of disciplines. Already, some advertisers are raising their hands about the creative stance to embrace it in a February broadcast of Super Bowl LV on CBS.

“The only thing we can agree on is that the world needs more good,” Pritchard said. “This full activity in 2020, I think, is forcing businesses and brands to take action, it has made us think that much more needs to be done.”

P&G needs to strike the correct chord. While some marketers from the travel and entertainment sectors have stopped advertising consumption in 2020, Procter has continued to advertise. According to Nielsen, Procter & Gamble spent $ 164.4 million on advertising in October. There is a reason for their consumption. In its most recent fiscal quarter, which ended in September, P&G said sales rose 9% to $ 19.3 billion.