The names of those killed in the accident on Road 90 were allowed to be published

The names of those killed in the accident on Road 90 were allowed to be published

(Photo: Courtesy of the family)

Moshe and Simcha Nizri, residents of Migdal Haemek, are the couple who were killed earlier today (Wednesday) in a serious accident on Road 90, after their vehicle slipped on the wet road and they were crushed to death by a passing truck.

The ultra-Orthodox community in Migdal Haemek received the news of their death with heavy shock, and told of a unique couple. Yossi Kakon, a member of the family, told the ultra-Orthodox website Kikar Hashabat: “This is a unique couple. Beautiful face”.

(Photo: MDA)

Yitzhak Zeiger, a ZAKA volunteer who was called to the scene of the accident, said: “When I arrived at the scene, I saw the private vehicle completely shattered, and the man and woman suffered very serious injuries. The fire brigade worked on the scene to rescue them, and unfortunately after the resuscitation operations, their deaths were determined. “

Reshef Yossi Dahari, commander of the fire brigade, added: “The driver of the private vehicle was trapped in his place. At the request of the medical authorities, we rescued him, and then the medical authorities determined his and his wife’s death.”

A senior MDA medic, Yonatan Shenbai, said: “During the complex rescue operations, we performed medical tests, the man was without signs of life and we had no choice but to determine his death at the scene, and the woman who was rescued from the vehicle was unconscious.”

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“We also performed advanced resuscitation operations on her, but after a long period of intensive medical treatment we had to determine her death. The driver of the lightly injured truck was treated on the spot and was taken to the hospital, when his condition was mild,” the medic added.

A police spokesman said that “as a result of the accident there is a traffic disruption. Police forces at the scene are directing the traffic, and traffic investigators have begun investigating the circumstances of the accident.”

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