The murder of Gadi Wichman in 2012: The murderer Eden Ohayon filed a request for a retrial

The person convicted of the murder of Gadi Wichman in 2012 in Be’er Sheva, Eden Ohayon, filed a request for a retrial today (Wednesday). He was convicted of murder following incidents that took place on Friday night, May 5, 2012, in a public park in the Neve Zeev neighborhood of the city and according to the indictment, the incident began due to noise in the park near the deceased’s residence. Also, in 2015, the Supreme Court dismissed Ohayon’s appeal of his conviction for the murder of Wichman, and ruled that he would remain in life imprisonment.

The chain of events began when Michal, Gadi’s widow, asked to put her young children to sleep and turned to Ohayon and the group with him to keep quiet, and in response it cursed her. When Wichman returned to his home, he went down to the public park where Ohayon and his friends were staying, around 2:15 a.m., and hit Ohayon in the face. In response, Ohayon pulled out a knife and stabbed Wichman to death. Ohayon was arrested a few days later, and claimed self-defense.

His widow said in the past: “My husband used to work with at-risk youth. One evening we tried to put our daughter to sleep but encountered a loud noise of boys spending time in the public garden. My husband went down to ask for silence and due to the boys’ refusal decided to call police. “To him, and suddenly we noticed the killer, Eden Ohayon, attacking him. I did not imagine seeing my husband murdered in front of my eyes at that moment, the day before we celebrated our daughter’s birthday. I saw my most precious thing murdered in front of my eyes in unparalleled helplessness.”