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Chamberlain, Suarez, Ronaldinho, Firmino and Coutinho (Reuters)

Chamberlain, Suarez, Ronaldinho, Firmino and Coutinho (Reuters)

Creativity is a binding part of the football game, but it seems that when it comes to contracts, signatures and transfers, it also reaches new heights every time. The replica contracts of the senior players in the industry included all sorts of delusional clauses – from a ban on signing at an opposing club, to huge premiums and also a special permit to go to parties.

Firmino is not allowed to sign at Arsenal

Arsenal angered Liverpool back in 2013 when they tried to sign Luis Suarez for £ 40 million plus one pound after a misunderstanding of his release clause. The offer provoked a shock response from the English champions, at the time John Wu. The candle Tweeted: “What do you think they smoke there in the Emirates?”.

Roberto Firmino celebrates.  Can not reach Arsenal (Reuters)Roberto Firmino celebrates. Can not reach Arsenal (Reuters)

Suarez eventually moved to Barcelona and Liverpool replaced him with Roberto Firmino. But it seemed the Reds were unwilling to give Arsenal a break and included a clause in Firmino’s contract that allowed any club in the world to activate its £ 89 million release clause excluding the Gunners. crime and Punishment?

Article Ronaldinho: It is allowed to go to parties

Apparently clubs too can not stop Ronaldinho’s desire to celebrate at parties. When the Brazilian legend joined Flamengo from Milan back in 2011 (when his personal ability started to decline), he demanded a special clause in the contract. The clause included permission from the club to go out to clubs and parties twice a week.

Ronaldinho.  Love to Celebrate (Reuters)Ronaldinho. Love to Celebrate (Reuters)

Game minutes that are influenced by economic motives

Liverpool’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had a rather strange clause written in his contract when he was another Arsenal player, which in a way forced him to leave the Gunners. The same section will actually terribly frustrate the fans of the team, who did not understand why the young star does not get more multiple minutes. In fact, the details of the contract between Arsenal and Southampton included a clause in which the Gunners have to pay £ 10,000 every time Chamberlain plays over 20 minutes. This thing actually caused him to come up to play usually only in the 71st minute.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Reuters)Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Reuters)

Not just sales fees, inflated premium

Liverpool made £ 142m when they sold Filippa Coutinho to Barcelona. The Reds received a larger share of that at the signing ceremony, with the rest paid in performance-related payments. But money was not the only thing Jürgen Klopp’s gang got. The Mighty Reds demanded that the Catalans pay a huge premium for the next three seasons. The premium stood at 100 million euros (89 million pounds) and required Barça to pay this in addition to the standard transfer fee for any Liverpool player who would like to sign there in the future.

Filipe Coutinho (Reuters)Filipe Coutinho (Reuters)

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Admit it, you don’t hear about it every day. In 1999 Sunderland signed Stephen Schwartz for an estimated £ 4 million. When the Swede signed for 4 years, he wrote the following in his contract clause: “For space travel, both parties will see the contract as void.”

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