The Ministry of Sports transferred about NIS 1 million to an emergency fund

sportFive1060523 (Photo: Sport 5)
Photo: Sports 5

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has allocated about one million shekels for an emergency fund for children and youth, which are active in football and basketball clubs. The fund is supported by the Ministry of Sports, the President’s House, the Sports Values ​​Association, the Basketball Association and the Football Association and the Sylvan Adams Foundation, and is designed to provide a financial emergency envelope and a true “social iron dome” to thousands of children this.

Minister of Culture and Sports Trooper Corps He said: “The important initiative of the Sports Emergency Fund for children, clubs and the community that is setting out is more important than ever. The fund will make sure that no child without a dream stays here. That there will be no child here who cannot fulfill it due to economic or other barrier. “He will actually give hope to thousands of children and youth so that they can be a part. Our commitment is to instill important values ​​in the development of our future generation. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the partners in founding the foundation.”

CEO of the firm Raz female: “I see great importance in providing a shell that will maintain a stable ground for children and youth, while promoting values ​​of tolerance, perseverance, achievement and human dignity. Sport is a tool for social change and instilling new patterns of behavior. The Ministry of Sports will continue to be an integral and leading part “Excellent initiatives, which give balance and economic stability to the sports bodies, from a long-term perspective, which characterizes a better society.”