The majority of new virus cases in Israel are among people under the age of 40

The majority of new coronavirus cases in Israel are among people under the age of 40, an IDF special action group said Sunday.

The Coronavirus National Intelligence and Information Center said 1,869 people were tested for COVID-19 on Saturday after more than 25 tests, bringing the fall rate at 7.8%.

According to the centre’s report, 75% or three out of four people tested Saturday were at least 39 years old, and only 6% were aged 60 and older.

The number of viruses (R) has steadily declined and is now at 0.85, meaning that each carrier affects less than one person on average. “However, the infection rate and burden on hospitals remains high,” the task force said.

The center urged the public to show personal responsibility and adhere to health restrictions.

“In the coming weeks, there could be a steady rise in disease, as a result of the lifting and spread of restrictions in the British variety, which has long been dominant in Israel. much more contagious than previous series and according to new UK series of studies it is also 70% -30% more lethal. “

Meanwhile, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said that so far nearly 2.5 million people have been vaccinated with the two vaccine pictures.

Over the weekend, 133,000 Israelis received the vaccine and 3,832,000 people in the country have received at least one vaccine injection since the vaccination campaign began.