The macOS Big Sur update bug is causing issues for Mac system administrators

A bug in the process of updating Apple ‘s macOS software is causing issues for Mac system administrators and the use of mobile device management.

As pointed out by microMDM, the issue arose after the release of macOS Big Sur version 11.1. There were widespread reports about system administrators not being able to view the product update, or not being able to download and install it.

Apparently, the reason for this is that macOS 11.0.1 and macOS 11.1 servers require servers to replace macOS 11.0.1 with the next available software update. Because of this, the server is rejecting the request because a device has already installed 11.0.1.

This particular beast seems to be related to MDM registration profiles. Both MicroMDM and other system administrators have proven this.

Therefore, the removal of the MDM image should resolve the issue. Of course, that’s not always an option for some MDM applications.

While it seems that a restart could alleviate the issue, there could still be problems with downloading the update as the “situation that caused it to fail the first time can be triggered. -rithist. ”

Repairing the situation is also exacerbated by the fact that Apple has stopped unstable installers for macOS software updates with Big Sur. Because of this, there is no option to manually upgrade to the new version of Big Sur. Updates must come from Apple ‘s servers.

Other problems include the fact that Apple Silicon kills the option for third-party processes to write a software update command.

At this point, there’s no doubt that Apple isn’t aware of the issue here. Because of this, a solution for the macOS 11.2 problem is likely to arrive.