The lawsuit against Eyal Golan: The parties will examine the possibility of seeking mediation

The singer’s trial Eyal Golan It opens today (Monday) at the Magistrate’s Court in Tel Aviv. This is the lawsuit in the case of two of the complainants, for alleged offenses committed by them, according to them, the singer along with others.

The complainants’ spokesperson stated: “We are happy that we have reached this moment, after very long years of injustice. It’s time for the world to see who the real liar is. That everyone will look at him and he will be ashamed, Not us. Years he went on to bury us in the same place. No more. For us it is the first step on the path to justice. The first discussion dealt with formal matters. In the following discussions, we hope that the truth will be proven and published. “

One of the complainants against the singer Eyal Golan (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

As part of the lawsuit, the complainants claim, among other things, negligent behavior on the part of the police, as well as the fact that the law has not been exhausted with Golan to the end and demand compensation. A restraining order was imposed on their identities and other details that might reveal them.

Rotem Aloni, the lawyer representing the complainants, said: “I will set a date for mediation with Eyal Golan. I thought the case was suitable for dialogue, but there is no willingness and no one to talk to. The insults continued. ? To come and say they are blackmailing is an insult“.

Golan’s lawyer, Oded Gil: “The whole problem is that a year and three months after the lawsuit was filed, the plaintiffs realized that we could not be blackmailed.” In court it was decided that the parties would complete the preliminary proceedings within 45 days, examining the possibility of appealing For mediation procedure. The additional hearing was adjourned until September 9.

Golan himself is scheduled to attend a hearing accompanied by his lawyers and the people close to him, and the hearing is to be held in open court, following a petition by Globes and Channel 13. Therefore, there is a lot of content outside the courtroom and dozens of photographers and media people.

“This time they are not alone, they have the truth and us”

Outside the court, demonstrators gathered, including women’s organizations, who called for justice for the complainants because they claimed this was not done as part of the criminal proceedings.

The protesters said: “This time they are not alone. Eyal Golan has the money, the connections and the power – but they have the truth – and us. It is time for Golan’s lies and his surroundings to be exposed. It is time for the public to know what really happened there, Shameful sexual exploitation Along with Golan, the Israel Police is also on trial today. Unfortunately, the prosecution chose to defend the police omissions with accusing a horrific victim.
It is time for them to understand that the laws have changed. It cannot be tolerated. “

Demonstrations outside the courtroom of Eyal Golan (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)Demonstrations outside the courtroom of Eyal Golan (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

As you may recall, this is an affair that was published in 2013 and was dubbed “board games,” in which the singer Eyal Golan and people close to him were questioned, on suspicion of illegitimate marriage with the consent of minors. One of the detainees was also Golan’s father, Danny Bitton, who passed away about a month ago.

In February 2014, the State Attorney’s Office announced the closure of the case against Eyal Golan, after the complainants withdrew their accusations against him. After the closure of the case, the complainants claimed that the investigation was not conducted properly, and that the accusations against some of Golan’s associates were not investigated at all.