The largest menorah in the world: in memory of when the corona

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In the year that New York lost more than 30,000 people in the corona plague, the young people of the Central Chabad Association in New York decided to mention them by lighting the largest lamp in the world.

The largest lamp in the world, which is placed on Fifth Avenue every year, took its traditional place this year, outside the Plaza Hotel.

“The largest menorah in the world stands as a beacon of light and hope at a time when it is most in need – against the background of the sad reality,” said Rabbi Shmuel Menachem Mendel Botman, chairman of the Central Chabad Youth and one who is privileged to place the menorah under the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Renowned artist Yaakov Agam is behind the design of the largest menorah in the world according to Maimonides’ hand painting of the menorah in the Temple with canes diagonally. The renowned artist testified that the Rebbe personally instructed him that this menorah would be the largest in the world. Of Jacob Agam and a famous artist in his own right, lit the great lamp.

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During the lighting ceremonies, Rabbi Botman repeatedly encouraged the participants in the lighting to wear masks. “We want yours and your neighbors to have a happy and healthy Hanukkah,” he said and received applause.

At the lighting of the fourth candle, Rabbi Botman mourned the death of a member of the Central Chabad Youth Board, Rabbi Chaim Meir Halevi Lieberman.

The lighting positions were limited this time, and yet, the illuminating message of hope and light was conveyed through the many media that crowded around the menorah.