The Kabbalist denied: “Do not understand health”

Following the publication of his name on street ads as someone who opposes corona vaccines, the Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Hadas clarifies that this is a lie.

“For many years people have been asking me about health matters, and I do not answer, I say I do not understand health. According to Halacha, I am not allowed to answer health matters,” the rabbi said in an interview with Kol Chai radio.

The rabbi reiterated that “everyone who has published things in my name regarding vaccines – everything is a lie and a lie. There is no situation in the world that I have answered on this subject because I can not answer things that I do not understand.”

When asked about his opinion, he said that “I do not understand it, I must not answer it. According to the halakhah I must not answer what I am not proficient in. I do not say do not know because I have great doubt. I really do not know. I do not know more than any other person “In the street, I did not inquire and I have no way to find out, I also do not know what the rabbis say on the subject. I sit in my room and study and do not know about world affairs.”

In his remarks get on the spread of rumors. “I’m really sorry about that. I’ve been sorry for a few weeks now that my name has been advertised and it saddens me.”

“I wanted to find out who the advertisers are in my name so that they would stop, but I could not find out … You can publish in my name that all publications in my name are lies and lies about vaccines.”

He signed his remarks by saying that “we will be privileged to return with a complete repentance. Maimonides says that thanks to the repentance, the harsh decrees are repealed. It is not the intention not to take medical measures, but apart from the medical measures, the answer must be strengthened. “