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Made history, Yannis Antocompo

Made history, Yannis Antocompo

Photo: Reuters

He was selected only 15th in the NBA Draft in 2013 and tonight (Tuesday) he made history in the best basketball league in the world, the NBA League when he signed the highest contract in the history of the American Basketball League.

Everyone has been waiting anxiously for the decision of the player who came to the best basketball league in the world 7 years ago from Greece anonymously and in the last two years is considered the best player in the star-studded league when he won the MPV title twice, Yannis Antocompo.

Tonight, after a rumor mill and rumors of many teams and fans, he announced that he remains in the team where he first appeared as a professional player in the US and in general, the team that selected him 7 years ago in 15th place without playing a single game in a senior professional basketball team.

In fact, Antocompo’s choice known as the “Greek freak” to stay in Milwaukee is a big thank you to Milwaukee Bucks for the trust they placed in him and for the support despite being anonymous at the beginning of his career about seven years ago.

Antocompo announced he was staying where he had risen to prominence when he signed a maximum five-year contract with Milwaukee for $ 228.2 million, the highest contract in NBA history given to a player.

“This is my home, my city. I feel fortunate to be a part of Milwaukee for the next five years,” Antocompo tweeted, adding, “We’ll take advantage of them. The show goes on. Let’s get it.”

The Greek player’s decision comes six days before the deadline, when he could decide whether to accept the club’s offer or refuse and become a free agent next summer.

The reasons that made him consider leaving were mostly professional, this after the disappointing relegation from the playoffs last season, but in the end the 26-year-old decided to challenge himself and make history on the road, as part of his desire to give the club back on trust and investment. Will it also end with a championship title?