The great talent from Maccabi Tel Aviv signed a professional contract

Raz Amir

Oscar Gluch with Patrick Van Leven at the signing ceremony (Instagram)

Oscar Gluch with Patrick Van Leven at the signing ceremony (Instagram)

One of the most promising and great talents of the youth department of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Oscar Gluch, today (Tuesday) was awarded the first professional contract of his career for three years and he is not even 17 years old. Trained several times with the seniors and is highly valued by Patrick Van Leven, currently the senior team coach and still the one who is defined as the club’s executive director and is also in charge of the junior division.

Gluch is represented by the players’ agent, Adv. Shachar Greenberg, who represents a number of very promising players in Israeli football and the latest example from his representatives is of course the end of Podgorano who moved to play for the Roma prima team and makes a name for himself there.

Gluch is a very talented player in the role of playmaker, and is considered by professionals to be the best player in boys A, not only at Maccabi Tel Aviv, but at his age in general. For Maccabi Tel Aviv, this is of course a very important strategic step towards the future.

Van Leven and burst after the draw in the derby