The father’s caregiver from Kiryat Gat, who is suspected of murdering his son, was questioned

During the investigation, the identity of a person was identified, to whom the murder suspect apparently turned earlier this month, in order to provide him with treatment, during which, according to the suspicion, the person provided him with dangerous drugs.

Sen. Arkady Elkind, commander of the Kiryat Gat station, at the scene // Photo: Police Spokeswoman

Police investigators located the suspect (1930s, Gush Etzion), and detained him for questioning on suspicion of possession and supply of dangerous drugs.

The 37-year-old father was sent for a psychiatric look last week. The police are checking to see if the father has received alternative treatments recently.

The tragic incident happened about a week ago, when the police received a report of a 14-year-old boy with stab wounds. He was allegedly stabbed by his father and critically injured in their home in the city. Later that night, the boy died of his wounds at the hospital, after prolonged resuscitation efforts. The father fled the scene, was later located by police forces in a nearby grove, arrested and taken for questioning.
Event scene, last night // Photo: Spokeswoman Med

According to the neighbors, this is an ultra-Orthodox and normative family. The person who evacuated the boy was a neighbor of the family, Sami Amar, who works at MDA. The boy was lying on the floor of his room. There were 14 stab wounds on his back. People who were there say that the mother and the little daughter tried to prevent the father from committing the act. “A. came to the house and asked again and again what her son’s condition was.

According to Amar, “We were called to treat the boy, unfortunately my neighbor, with multiple stab wounds to his body. He was bleeding in the back. We started resuscitation and went to the hospital. On the way he completely lost consciousness and the hospital determined his death.” They live here for about a year and a half. -Two years, and I know the father from short conversations we had. This is a businessman, since he is good. “The case is not something you can expect from this family.”

A Gur follower who knew the family said: This is a golden child, the father was proud of him, a wise student. The father also knows Chinese, a successful businessman, they say that the father has received treatment in recent weeks. “

The family member said: “I know the family and the child well, no one understands the background to the story. This is a successful businessman. Total shock. It is said that he had a psychotic attack. This is a man who invested in his son. There is a rumor that he received hypnosis treatment. This is a golden child. “Only yesterday we met him. He was a lively and sociable boy, there was no conflict between them. There was no sign.”