The digital marketing company Kensho acquires the start-up Signals Analytics

Kenshoo, a digital marketing company, announced today (Thursday) the acquisition of the Israeli start-up Signals Analytics, which deals with the collection and processing of distributed information. The transaction amount was not disclosed.

According to Kenshaw’s announcement, all 80 Signals Analytics employees will move to Kenshaw “and be integrated into key positions in the company as part of a new division for Marketing Intelligence.”

Kensho was founded in 2006 by Yoav Yizhar-Perto, Nir Cohen and Alon Schiffer. The company has developed tools that provide brands and companies with in-depth knowledge, in real time, about what is happening on the web, search engines, social networks and digital commerce sites such as Amazon. Through this knowledge, advertisers launch products, generate insights and sales and can change campaigns instantly, change goals, control campaign costs and take advantage of opportunities to the maximum.

Kenshaw said the company’s revenue is $ 120 million a year, and it has been profitable for several years. Kenshaw has about 600 employees around the world, of which about 250 are in development centers in Israel.

Signals Analytics was founded in 2009 by Gil Sadeh and Kobi Gershuni and has developed an artificial intelligence platform that enables the collection of business and product insights for organizations and companies. According to IVC’s database, the company has raised $ 55 million to date, with its most recent round of funding being in 2017, led by the Pitango Growth Fund and featuring Kumara, Sequoia, TPY Capital and others. Signals employs 50 people, who will move to work at Kenshaw.

“According to our data from working with giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Instacart, since the outbreak of the Corona crisis there has been an increase of over 70% in online commerce. , Said Yizhar-Perto, CEO and founder of Kenshaw.

“The acquisition of Signals Analytics allows us to provide our customers with an innovative tool, based on AI / ML, that will enable them to make better and faster decisions and thus adapt to the current reality and even strengthen and expand their ability to exploit their growth potential in online marketing and sales. Values ​​and assets, and from the moment we heard the feedback from our large customers about the idea of ​​connectivity – it was almost inevitable that we would connect. ”

Gil Sadeh, Founder and CEO

Gil Sadeh, Founder and CEO of Signals Analytics / Photo: Signals

“The technology combination of the two companies provides our customers with a unique and powerful tool to realize business agendas, from immediate analysis and monitoring of the market to execution and measurement of marketing effectiveness,” said Gil Sadeh, founder and CEO of Signals Analytics. “In connection with Kensho, the technologies Knows how to extract relevant information from a huge volume of signals on the web and convert it into insights that can be immediately applied and measured. Through AI and natural language processing, we have helped some of the world’s leading consumer brands accelerate product innovation, improve launch metrics, support marketing teams and ultimately drive growth. “Joining forces with Kensho will give customers the opportunity for immediate decisions and execution in an age where digital commerce is fast and dynamic.”