The Bangkok Hotel lies on camera in the ‘Flight Attendant’

HBO Max’s Flight attendant making for an addictive series in quarantine time. A bingeable thrush with dark humor, the show begins when flight attendant Cassie (played by Kaley Cuoco) wakes up hanging in a foreign city to assassinate her one-night stand beside her. in bed. Though she can’t remember anything, Cassie races to clear her name.

The show transports viewers at home to Bangkok, as we see Cassie wandering down the Chao Phraya River, walking and descending in a full night market and then, after things go awry. horrible, screaming past clear tuk-tuks.

Most of Bangkok’s activity revolves around the fictional Makara Prince Hotel, which is actually a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. For the December 17 season finale of the show, we’ll give you a tour of Hollywood’s most iconic events.

The courtyard

As Cassie escapes the series of her secretly murdered paramour, she makes her way through the atrium of the building, an oasis on Rajadamri Road in the center. The hidden courtyard is filled with palms and tropical foliage, and has a placid pond with bright hued koi.

If you’re not in a hurry to unravel the mystery of murder, you can stay in the outdoor area by visiting the restaurants and shops that line it. Aqua bars serve cocktails like Tom Yam Siam (no doubt vodka-loving Cassie likes the blend of Ketel One irrigated with spicy tomyam herbs, Malibu, lychee and lime juice) and international bites (like chicken wings, samosas and sushi). Spice Market turns out modern Thai food like poo nim pad prik tai on, a crispy soft-shell crab with peppercorn sauce, chili nuts and rice. The atrium will also host a Sunday brunch mattress that will feature everything from dishes like lobster Thermidor and foie gras to a circulation of Thai street food.

You can also check out the courtyard shops. Look for the fine works available in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Shop or copy Cassie and pick up a scarf at the store from renowned Thai silk retailer Jim Thompson.

The latest addition to the atrium is VIVID, an IV drip bar, an anti-aging center and esthetics. A partnership with Singapore-based Verita Healthcare, VIVID is helping to rehabilitate and rebalance visitors with immune-boosting IVs that are said to help everything from discounting hangovers to energizing jet-lagged passengers.

The Lobby

The Anantara Siam special lobby will also feature in the series. Since opening in 1983, the hotel has been known for its intricate walls covering two-story lobby walls and for promoting Thai-style fresco art in watercolors and colors. raw silk.

The sprawling mandala works were done by one of Thailand’s leading painters, Arjarn Paiboon Suwannakudt. The subject is the coronation of a king. Beneath the true portraits of hundreds of people in rich clothing and many animals, trees and flowers, the image has many symbols. For example, the elephant symbolizes war; the horse, trade; the chariot, royalty; and the boat, trade.

The stunning ceiling is adorned with hand-painted silk mandalas, abstract geometry, Buddhist symbols, Sung altered floral patterns, traditional Thai mythological and astrological animals, style sunbursts and other elements of nature.

The Rooms

While the series that was a grisly murder scene was a set, Anantara Siam’s One Cornroom Corner Suite is a good double stunt. It has the same look and feel with spacious living and dining areas covered in rich dark teak wood, and large windows facing the golf course of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club. While it doesn’t have the outdoor hot tub that Cassie was in, it has a bathtub underneath (in addition, the hotel has an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool surrounded by plant plants, palm trees and lotus pond).

The series also comes with ideas that business travelers like Cassie’s lost girlfriend Alex Sokolov would appreciate. It includes access to the Kasara Lounge, which provides light meals and drinks throughout the day, sunset cocktails, complimentary meeting rooms and a dedicated concierge.

The Spa

Although Cassie had to be taken out of the hotel, it was well worth spending some time pampering at the Anantara Four-Star Spa. At this quiet location, each treatment room is a suite with its own shower, and some have a Roman style tub or steam room.

The treatment program focuses on Asian therapies. Try the Siam, a signature massage that draws on the country’s diverse cultural heritage by incorporating elements from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China. It includes bamboo stick massage, stretching, pressure point work, and herbal oil massage and reflexology. It ends with patches of gold leaf placed on the left arm and left side of the chest to help calm the mind – something Cassie can certainly use to solve Sokolov’s murder. .