The Atom Home Brow Lamination Kit That The Vogue Editor Brought On The Very Feathered Press

I’ve done everything I can to achieve Cara Delevingne’s level of breastfeeding – from growth sermons to trying out enlargement – but it’s the only treatment that will give me immediate, effective results in terms of cost, eyebrow lamination. The salon treatment straightens and straightens up hair for an instant full look, keeping them in place for up to six weeks. I got my first (and finally) professional eyeball lamination at the end of 2019 and then the pandemic stopped any future salon visits. After spending months watching my hair return to their thin, flat shape, I finally decided to buy a brow lamination kit at home.

I sought the advice of René de la Garza, the famous artist Lizzo and Cardi B and founder of Los Angeles – based Brow Down Studio, and he asked me to proceed with caution – leave the treatment too long and yes risk of damaging your hair. De la Garza recommends in-salon treatments, but since that’s not available to everyone right now and I’ve always loved DIY, I chose to go through with my test at home. After seeing beauty blogger Jackie Aina try it out and reading hundreds of reviews, I decided to try Elevate the Beauty’s eye and lash pack.

The process was very simple: clean, apply, wait, delete, repeat. “The ingredients of brow lamination are very active,” says De la Garza. “So if you are trying to make your own browsers at home, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Guided by Elevate the Beauty guides, I first turned on a kitten-like water purifier first to make sure there was no stuff or debris on my hair.

Then, with a micro-brush that came with the kitten, I applied the Lift solution, which is the soft chemical that makes the hair pliable. If you are familiar with hair remover or perms, it works the same way and has the same pungent smell. After thoroughly covering my hair, I noticed the aforementioned instructions to cover strands with plastic wrap, which was not included. So I took the craftyroute and cut Ziploc-sized plastic bags in half and stuck them over my solution-covered brushes to get the job done.

Next, I set the timer to 10 minutes (the recommended is between eight and 13) and then turned it off. I repeated the process, but this time instead of using the Lift solution, I used the Fixation solution. The guide says this step shapes the brushes, so I was very careful to brush the hair in the side I wanted them to stay in. For me that meant just up on the inner field near my nose and a little cross with the top. of my bow. Then I put the Ziploc bags over my bows again (clean new ones, of course) and waited for the timer to go off. Finally, I turned on the nourishing oil – no baggies needed – to nourish the hair. Warning: A small thing goes a long way, so you don’t have to be heavy here.

“Results usually last between four and six weeks when brushes are processed at the right time for your hair outfit,” says De la Garza, before discussing the importance of waiting for your hair to last. -at least six weeks before re-inserting your breast. Anything faster and there is also a risk of damaging hair and breaking it. “Brown eyelashes last longer when incorporated with night castor oil routine to hydrate and moisturize eyebrow hair,” he said. “For daytime styling, I recommend my Brow Naturale, which is a saturating and nourishing wax that keeps the browns in place throughout the day.”

Just after I finished all the steps in my kit, I had feathered brooches. Each hair stands up by itself, no gel or soap is required, and my morning makeup application is so much easier. And a month or two from now, I will definitely be repeating the process again. My search for the final browsers is no longer available.

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