The amazing player of the time tries to be hit with a theme during a Guatemalan football match

Batanecos FC player Rosbin Ramos tried to deceive the referee at a recent Guatemalan third division game against Deportivo San Lorenzo with a moment of complete rage.

Not bad, this is one of the most bizarre moments in football history.

The 22-year-old Venezuelan midfielder picked up something that was thrown on the pitch by a fan and as both teams argued for another challenge further up the pitch, he moved on.

Ramos proceeded to punch himself in the face with that object before falling to the floor in a heap.

Despite his efforts to remove the officer, however, Ramos’ strange diving performance was aroused by their failure to see the first incident.

Deportivo San Lorenzo’s players, meanwhile, walked over to the ocar-winning player and asked him to get up.

To be fair, he deserved a red card just for that acting. What was he thinking ?!

published at4 months ago

Ramos ’disgraceful actions in the game in the third division are likely to see a retaliatory penalty.

Guatemala’s football control group is expected to take on Ramos over his antiques, according to Football24,

And to further discourage injury, Batanecos FC lost the game 3-1 against Deportivo San Lorenzo.

I think Ramos ’has learned an important lesson here. Don’t dive.