The 2020 SO asteroid was thus a waste bin from the 1960s. This was probably the first of many that came.

The erosion story of about 2020 SO, recently asteroid now formally identified as a 54-year-old space junk, it looks like a wild yarn today but is perhaps the first installment in a long series of such puzzles.

What was called 2020 was SO see in September with asteroid exploration, but there was always something fishy about the space rock. One NASA expert theorized just from its orbit that it appeared to be a high-end rocket group since a lunar mission called Surveyor 2. was launched in 1966. By the end of November, observations as well as the item having confirmed its status as decades-old space waste going back to unknowingly visit her original planet. The metal hunt made its way closest to Earth on December 1 and is expected to hang around for about four months before being kicked off to re-rip the sun.