Thalaivi Trailer: Kangana Ranaut starts as Jayalalithaa, MGR and Indira Gandhi also appear. Look

The Thalaivi trailer kicks off every box expected from the biopic of former Tamil prime minister Nadu J Jayalalithaa, with Kangana Ranaut playing the named role. A larger life that seeks to capture the personality of the politician-actor, it depicts her journey as a ‘superstar heroine’ to a consummate politician.

As soon as the trailer begins, we hear the voice questioning how a film actor can bring about a change in politics, known as the death of a person. We meet the charismatic Kangana featuring Jayalithaa, and the on-screen and off-screen relationship with MG Ramachandran, played by Arvind Swami. MGR helps her get into politics, promising that people will return their love one day. However, her journey from actor to politician and then as prime minister comes with plenty of bumps.

The trailer deals with the infamous program in 1989 when DMK members brutally attacked Jayalithaa in the state senate. In the trailer, Kangana compares herself to Draupadi Mahabharat and vows revenge.

The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi will also appear in the trailer while Jayalalithaa addresses her in her keynote speech in Parliament.

Kangana as Jayalalithaa leaves a good impression. As AL Vijay’s director’s trailer ends, we hear her say, “If you see me as your mother, I will keep you in my heart,” and interestingly, one line describes Jayalalithaa’s legacy as a person -politics and Tamil Nadu prime minister.

Thalaivi will air on April 23 this year.